Monday, November 8, 2021

Barley Helps in Proper Functioning of Thyroid

The thyroid produces 2 main hormones, thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3), which affect numerous physiologic processes in the body, including body temperature maintenance, digestion, and vital functions such as heart rate and respiration.

Improper production of these hormones can have far-reaching effects on the human body and mind. Two cases appear due to these conditions:

1. Hypothyroidism, caused by an underactive thyroid {more prevalent in humans}.
2. Hyperthyroidism, is caused by an overactive thyroid.

Both conditions usually are treated pharmacologically, either by replacing the thyroid hormone that is missing or by trying to block the production or effect (or both) of the excess thyroid hormone.

Thyroid hormone synthesis requires active iodide uptake through sodium/iodide symporter (NIS), thyroglobulin (Tg) production and Tg iodination by thyroid peroxidase (TPO) enzyme. Thyroid hormones, thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3), are released by Tg proteolysis.

Knowledge of any factors that could affect thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) and thyroid hormone levels is especially important for vulnerable groups, such as people with thyroid diseases and pregnant women.

Factors effecting thryoid:

1. Vitamins : A deficiency of vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin B6 and vitamin E has also been observed in thyroid diseases. Supplementation with vitamin C and E, vitamin A, vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 has been suggested to improve thyroid health. Additionally, a positive correlation between TSH and vitamin D levels was observed in a study including pregnant women, while T3 and T4 levels were negatively correlated with vitamin D levels.

2. Minerals: Trace minerals have been shown to have an effect on thyroid function, including selenium, zinc, iron, copper and iodine. It is well known that iodine deficiency disrupts the normal functioning of the thyroid gland, but, on the other hand, high iodine intake can also cause thyroid problems. Magnesium is an essential mineral involved in the functioning of more than 300 enzymes, among which are those important for the synthesis of thyroid hormones.

Barley in thryoid health: Barley is rich in many essential minerals such as iodine, selenium, copper, zinc and magnesium. Moreover, it is rich in vitamin A, vitamin Bs, vitamin C and vitamin E. Barley grass has significantly good concentration of these essential vitamins and minerals. A regular diet of barley and barley grass promotes a healthy thyroid.


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